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Today I’m sharing a really good brownie recipe, and by really good I mean… real real good (also I keep typing food instead of good). I’m naming this my favorite cocoa brownies, but they might as well be my favorite brownies ever.

This is a recipe by Alice Medrich that I found at Shauna’s blog. They only have cocoa, no actual chocolate, which makes them easier too! And super handy for when the brownie crave strikes but there’s no chocolate (or mix) to be found.


In fact I think the only reason these probably won’t become my go-to brownies is that they have a lot of cocoa (duh), and good quality cocoa can be expensive/hard to get here. I’m lucky to have my dad who brings me cocoa from Europe every year; last year he got me a kilo of actually Dutch Dutch process which was so good, but I’m down to the last quarter so I think I’ll have to start looking into the local brands soon…

Luckily for me though, I’m not picky with brownies, I love them all, even mixes. Well, except for the dry chocolate squares they sell at some places, but those don’t count as brownies really.


I actually made these for my boyfriend to take to work, which was good in a way because I would have eaten the whole pan otherwise, but sad because I only got to try a small piece of their chocolate goodness. I wanted to add a little something but my boyfriend doesn’t like nuts (other than peanuts) so I went with one of my favorite things to ever enter the world of add-ins: sweet and salty M&M mix (milk chocolate flavor). This mix is so good, it’s not even funny. In a pinch I think you could replace it with just pretzels and M&Ms though, since the mini cookies aren’t very good really, and the peanuts are, well, boring.


Anyway… thank God for brownies. Here’s the recipe if you want to try them (and you should).

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