Paleo Nut and Seed “Bread”

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Hello everyone! Guess who’s been gone forever again.

Paleo Nut and Seed Bread

Yes these photos are unedited, sorry not sorry :)

Me, that’s right. But I came back for a new Daring Bakers challenge!

Even though life keeps me from working on the blog, I still look at the challenges every month. For the last few months I wasn’t too interested, but this month’s challenge spiked my interest as it was a paleo (or mostly paleo) recipe I had never seen before. And yes you read that right, I’m talking about paleo recipes!

Paleo Nut and Seed Bread

A few months ago I read about Whole30 online, and I was instantly hooked. I decided to order the 3 recommended books immediately, so that I could start the program in July (it was later announced that there would an official Whole30 in July, which made it even better). I have to say that I didn’t have many improvements health wise, but I guess I’m pretty healthy already. But I felt pretty good and lost 6 pounds (weight loss is not the aim of the program, but it was certainly one of my goals).

It’s almost been a month since I finished, but I’m still trying to eat paleo (not strictly Whole30) at home. It’s great food and it keeps the pounds away :)

Paleo Nut and Seed Bread

So this gets us to this “bread” (which is not Whole30 by the way, as “paleo confections” are not allowed). Between quotes because I don’t like using the word bread on non-bread items, including banana bread. This is basically a mix of nuts and seeds that are brought together by eggs and baked until they are nice and loafy. Most recipes call for psyllium seed husks. I had no idea what that was so I had to do some research. It wasn’t easy since I didn’t know what it would be called in Spanish, but after some googling I found that psyllium is listed as the active component on many brands of laxatives (some mixed with other plants, some just psyllium). I could have bought it but I thought I wasn’t going to buy some expensive medication to make a recipe I may or may not like. Also eggs = extra protein = extra filling.

I don’t think I would make this regularly as it doesn’t really fit into my meals. Slices have to be smallish because of all the fat, and it’s not really that filling. But it’s great as a snack with some spread or deli meat.

All in all I was happy to try out a brand new recipe, and to bake along the Daring Bakers after all these months :)

Blog-checking lines: For the August challenge Susan from The Kiwi Cook dared us to make Seed & Nut Loaf – a super-healthy and gluten-free alternative to standard wheat-based bread.

Paleo Nut and Seed “Bread”

100 g / 4 oz sunflower seeds
100 g / 4 oz pumpkin seeds
100 g / 4 oz flax seeds
100 g / 4 oz almonds
100 g / 4 oz nuts
100 g / 4 oz raisins
50 g / 2 oz chia seeds
2 tsp salt
1/3 cup olive oil
1/2 cup water
5 eggs

1. Preheat the oven to 180ºC / 350ºF.
2. Mix all the ingredients together and pour into a loaf pan that’s been lined with parchment.
3. Bake for 50-60 minutes.
4. Let cool and enjoy! The loaf will keep refrigerated for one week. It can also be frozen.

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