The first day of Christmas: strawberry milk pudding and a Sprinkle Bakes giveaway!

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Update: The giveaway is over! Thanks everyone for participating, I loved reading what you guys are baking this holiday season. And congrats Chloe, your book is on its way!

Happy December! I thought I’d kick off the holiday season with a little giveaway for you guys :) It’s one of the greatest dessert books out there: Sprinkle Bakes!

Making pudding from jelly and exciting news!

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Ok so I’m sorry if you already knew this (in that case, you should have told me) but: you can make pudding from jelly mixes.

I was clearing my cupboard one day, and I found a box of nearly expired sugar free banana jelly. My first thought: seriously, who makes banana jelly? Banana is supposed to go on pudding, not jelly. So I thought I’d make pudding from it.