Daring Bakers 06-16: Pirozhki

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Cabbage and Sausage Pirozhki

Hello everyone! I’m here reporting again on a new Daring Bakers challenge. I don’t really update the blog anymore, but I have been looking at the DB page every month, to see if any challenge spiked my interest.

The pirozhki are some sort of Russian empanadas and I thought it’d be cool to give them a try, especially since they constitute an actual meal, as opposed to say, cake or bread (not that I’m above cake as a meal, but it’s not ideal).

Cabbage and Sausage Pirozhki

The challenger suggested two recipes for the dough and two for the filling. The former were a yeast dough, and a sour cream pie-like dough. Or course I went with the first option, because I love yeast. It was originally meant for frying but I don’t usually do frying so I just baked them. They turned out great anyway.

The dough recipe surprised me as soon as I read the ingredients because it was a very high hydration dough, with almost as much water as flour. I kneaded it for about 20 minutes on my stand mixer, with pretty much nothing happening on the first 15 minutes, but then it started to come together. The final result was a very elastic and sticky dough.

I gave it an overnight rise in the fridge and came home to this beauty!

Cabbage and Sausage Pirozhki

I had never made a dough like that. I guess Bob also had something to do (I added some of my discard sourdough). Working with the dough was a bit messy because of the stickiness, but it stretched beautifully (I halved the recipe by the way).

For the filling I chose the cabbage option, with some added sausage for meatiness (and because I have lots of sausages from my charcuterie class).

What I did was chop and sautee one onion and one garlic clove, then added half a head of cabbage (red was what I had on hand) and cooked until wilted (no need to fully soften it since it will continue to cook in the oven). Finally I added 2 boiled eggs and 3 sausages that I had browned separately to remove the excess fat.

Cabbage and Sausage Pirozhki

Then I left the filling in the fridge for a couple days and everything turned blue from the cabbage ;)

Anyway, these were a yummy and different meal so I was happy to give this challenge a try. Hop on here for the recipe!

Cabbage and Sausage Pirozhki

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