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Happy Day of the Dead! We don’t celebrate it here, but you know I can’t pass on the opportunity to make cute goodies! I kept them simple since I was also busy making ghost cake pops these week (those won’t make it to the blog but my coworkers enjoyed them!).

So, I drew on the cookies with edible markers instead of icing. Much easier, but still cute.

Whether you take the icing or marker route, Sweet Sugarbelle has a super helpful post on the real-deal calavera cookies. I also used her recipe for cookies since it makes the yummiest softest sugar cookies.

And I unfortunately had to take inspiration from all her cookies made with combined shapes. I searched everywhere for a skull cutter, but it just didn’t come up (seriously though, I went to at least 5 places and I only found two pirate skulls…)

I basically combined two circles, one bigger and one smaller, although the small circle happened to be a bunny face. So I used the bunny and the circle to make a half moon shape that I attached to the original circle shape. Just put one next to the other and press them together a bit. Although the shapes will still be discernible (well, under all the icing anyway), the cookies will bind when baking and they won’t break apart.

I also made a couple with the whole bunny inside!

When the cookies were cool, I covered them with thick icing and let them dry overnight. Apparently the icing was a bit too thick since the surface ended up not perfectly even, but it worked. Then I decorated and nommed :D (ok, I also nommed before decorating).

You can find the recipes here! (feel free to make less icing since you’ll probably have leftovers).

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