Making pudding from jelly and exciting news!

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Ok so I’m sorry if you already knew this (in that case, you should have told me) but: you can make pudding from jelly mixes.

I was clearing my cupboard one day, and I found a box of nearly expired sugar free banana jelly. My first thought: seriously, who makes banana jelly? Banana is supposed to go on pudding, not jelly. So I thought I’d make pudding from it.

Yeah, you could probably buy a jello banana pudding mix from the store, but we don’t get those here. The only pudding flavors here are vanilla, chocolate and dulce de leche… last time I checked anyway. Wait, there’s also a strawberry cream pudding! I may have to try that. But still, I haven’t tested it yet, but I’m 90% sure they take longer to make than a from-scratch pudding.

I’m sure you can guess what I made with it…

Even if you do have a variety of pudding mixes, this is a way to make pudding with minimal effort. Start off with your favorite jelly flavor (can be regular or sugar free), but use milk instead of water (any kind is fine). You also have to up the amount of liquid, otherwise the pudding would be too firm (more like a panna cotta). I used 1.5 instead of 1 litre and it worked just fine. Other than that, follow the usual procedure. Refrigerate it until set (overnight works best), then whip it up until you get a smooth, pudding like texture.

Guess what else I made with my pudding :)

Aside from the obvious banana pudding, I also made some pops with my new molds. They were fat and sugar free so they were a little icy, but still good!

Oh and for the record, my milk curdled a bit for some reason (maybe you can tell from the sides of the bowl). I highly doubt there’s a secret ingredient in jelly that would cause milk to curdle… So perhaps it was something on my pot, or the jelly was too old? Either way, I’ll make sure to make this again with a different brand and flavor and let you know.

Aaaand for the exciting news you were all waiting for. I’m going on vacation next month! My boyfriend and I are attending Pokémon Worlds in Hawaii. I’m not playing the main tournament (I’m not that good hehe), but there are a lot of fun side events where you can win stuff and meet nice people.

And since I’m afraid Hawaii wouldn’t satisfy my shopping needs, we’re stopping by Los Angeles on the way back! If you have some advise on where to shop for baking supplies (or cool places to visit), bring it on. I’m also going to use my $50 gift card that I won at Cookies and Cups to get some sweeet books. I really want Sprinkle Bakes but it seems to be out of stock D:  I’m also considering Cooking for Geeks and Ratio, but I need more recommendations!

Anyway, I’m leaving on August 4th and yeah, I’m excited :)

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