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Hi everyone, welcome to Sabor Pastel! Literally ‘pastel flavor’. You know when you relate flavours to colors and such, like um, bubblegum and bubblegum pink. Also less obvious cases.

Anyway, I’m Agos (that’s short for Agostina if you didn’t know) and I’m from Argentina. I’ve been baking and reading baking blogs for some years so I thought, why not have my own blog? As you can seen it’ll be written both in Spanish and English (although my English’s not perfect so you’re more than welcome to correct me), but don’t expect literal translations. I’ll probably ramble about a different thing each time, but I’ll keep the recipe and the important points the same.

So what should you expect to see on this blog? Mostly sweets, of course, although I do make some savory dishes once in a while, especially bread related. You may also see some local sweets like flan or alfajores.

That’s been a decent text wall so a picture is called for, let me introduce you to my kitty Loli.

She is a scaredy little brat my kitchen assistant and she loves to run around like crazy sit nearby and look cute.

So this brings me to my photography skills, which are almost non-existant. I’m not used to photographing my food but I guess I’ll learn how to do it. Although, for starters, I hear people praise natural lighting all the time, but I come back from work at five which doesn’t leave much room for baking and taking photos, especially with the winter coming. So I’ll save the sunny shots for the weekends hehe.

But anyway, with the blog in mind, I bought my first personal camera :) It’s a pretty casual camera, but it was love at first sight.

And I think it takes some pretty nice shots, although that’s just my unprofessional opinion.
Now I only need to get some cute props cause I don’t have many. Actually I don’t even have decent tableware, but that’s a different story.

And now I’m wondering, why doesn’t Chrome’s spell check like the American -or spelling. It must be trying to fancy up the blog with colours and flavours.

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