Gozleme {Sourdough Surprises}

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Spinach & Cheese + Beef Sourdough Gozleme

It’s time for another Sourdough Surprises challenge! This month, we were asked to make gozleme, which is a traditional Turkish dish. It’s made with a dough (which can be made with or without yest) which is rolled out thinly, spread with some filling, and folded, to make some sort of flat parcel. The most interesting part is that they are then cooked on a griddle, so they only take a few minutes!

Onion Rings {Sourdough Surprises}

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Sourdough Battered Onion Rings

I’m here with another Sourdough Surprises challenge, although this one is admittedly late. We were asked to make sourdough battered fried goodies. Sounds good right??

I thought the default onions would be neat, since I had never made onion rings before. But I also threw in some apples and oreos (yeah, oreos – more on that later).

Hot Cross Buns {Sourdough Surprises}

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Sourdough Hot Cross Buns

Happy Easter everyone! I know I just made a post about hot cross buns, but this is the sourdough version I made for Sourdough Surprises. I wanted to make these traditional, so I used a sweet spice mix (one that I recently got, that smells sooo good). But when the time to add the raisins came, I thought, seriously, why use raisins when you can use chocolate? So chocolate it was.