Daring Bakers 02-14: Cinnamon Flower Bread

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Cinnamon Flower Bread

So this month at the Daring Bakers we were asked to make beautiful bread. I had been hoping for a bread challenge, so imagine my excitement when I saw this gorgeous breads! There were two shape options, this one and another one, also round but with twisted ropes in the middle. I immediately loved the flower shape so I went with that one (well, at least I think it’s a flower so that’s what I’m calling it).

Daring Bakers 12-13: whoopie pies

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Happy belated Christmas! I’m back here with another Daring Bakers challenge. This time it was whoopie pies! I looove whoopie pies, they’re so fun and yummy, so I was pretty excited about this challenge. Since it’s December, I made something with the holidays in mind: a cute snowflake design I had seen on a whoopie book I have.

Daring Bakers 11-13: sfogliatelle

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After 9 months, I’m back with another Daring Bakers challenge! I’m so happy to be working on these again, especially since we had such a fun challenge this month :) We had to make sfogliatelle, which is a traditional Italian pastry. I knew it by name but had never seen or tried one before; over here it’s sold in just a few places, sometimes only at request.

Daring Bakers 02-13: crisp crackers and flatbreads

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Hi guys! It’s been a while but I’m back with another Daring Bakers challenge :) This time we were asked to make either crackers, or crispy flatbread. Since we had made crackers not so long ago, I went with the flatbread, and made a crisped up version of pizza bread (which is basically a plain pizza dough, usually topped with herbs and a little cheese).

Daring bakers 01-13: gevulde speculaas

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Looks like I’m late for the Daring Bakers post again! This month we made a Dutch confection called gevulde speculaas (stuffed speculaas), which is a sort of cake/cookie filled with almond paste.
The fun thing about this challenge is that we were encouraged to make the spice mix and almond paste from scratch. I even ground the spices and almonds, and it was a great way to try out my new food processor ;D I’m gonna miss the squeezer and juice extractor from my previous processor, but the new one has a nifty coffee grinder which is great for spices.