Gingerbread cake

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Although I’ve made gingerbread cookies a few times, I don’t think I had ever made gingerbread cake (though I do have a killer recipe for a ginger chocolate cake, but that will come some other day). But I thought it was the perfect cake to use this Christmas tree mold I got last year, and to have a little something to snack on while decorating the actual tree (I usually make cookies, but I had just finished a 6 dozen order so I was a little cookie saturated).

Homemade eggnog + ice cream!

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Hi guys! Welcome to the new Sabor Pastel :) As you can see the site has a brand new design. I’ve made the big move from Blogger to WordPress; it’s still a work in progress, but I’ve figured I’d start posting anyway, cause I don’t want to miss the holiday baking season! So today I bring you homemade eggnog.

Christmas gingerbread house!

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I know you’re probably over Christmas by now, but I couldn’t go without posting my gingerbread house! It was my first time making one, and I had lots of fun. I used recipes and tips from Cookie Craft, and the finished result was so yummy as well as cute. Seriously though, is there such a thing as bad gingerbread?