Bunny Brownie Pops

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Bunny Brownie Pops

My first Easter post of the year is here! I’ve had this idea for a while. I have a rabbit face cookie cutter that I hadn’t used yet (not even sure where I got it… DealeXtreme maybe?), and I thought it would be perfect for brownie pops.

And it was :) A little big maybe, but has anyone ever complained about too big cake pops?

Bunny Brownie Pops

Anyway, in order to make these, you’ll need a brownie. A regular, 8 x 8 inch brownie that may or may not have come from a box. You only need to make sure not to overbake it; you want it to be fudgy so that you can cut shapes easily.

By the way, if you want to get the brownie out of the pan in one piece, you may want to use parchment paper. I had to cut it in 4 pieces (but it was ok).

Once you have your brownie, you’ll want to make sure the surface is even. If the sides are a little puffed up, gently even them out with a rolling pin, like this:

Bunny Brownie Pops

Then, it’s just a matter of cutting those bunnies out! Try to be space efficient, because you’ll have to eat all those scraps by yourself afterwards :P I got 16 bunnies, but like I said, the cutter was biggish.

After that, stick them on a stick and dunk them in pretty pastel candy coating! I used pink and yellow, which were strawberry and lemon flavored (respectively!) and they worked great with the chocolate flavor. But of course, plain candy coating is ok too. I won’t give you many tips here because I’m not expert myself, but if you’re new to making cake pops you may want to check out Bakerella, the cake pop bible!

Lastly, for decoration, I used a chip-shaped sprinkle for the noses, and added jimmies for the whiskers on the male bunnies, and cute tiny crown sprinkles on the female bunnies (you knew they were male and female, right?). I also drew on some bunny faces with food markers (I actually had some issues with some colors not writing properly/at all, but I suppose it depends on the coating you use).

Bunny Brownie Pops

So, to sum it up! These were really fun to make, and I thought they looked pretty cute (and they were very good, of course). I really like making brownie pops as opposed to cake pops because they’re much easier. For starters, you don’t have to crumble the cake or add frosting, and then you can also cut shapes, so you don’t have to shape them by hand or attach lots of add-ons to form a shape (which is super cool if you’re good at it like Angie, but I’m not!)

So, have you started your Easter baking/crafting? These were the first thing I made this year, but I sense more things coming soon… probably in the shape of hot cross buns :)

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