Cherry Heart Poptarts

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Cherry Heart Poptarts

Hi guys! I know it’s kinda late to start posting Valentine’s stuff, but it’s not Valentine’s yet, and they say it’s better late than never, right?

The truth is, all of my food thinking of the past weeks was devoted to my birthday party (especially to the cake, which will be coming soon!) I made lots of yummy stuff, including these biscuits (I looove biscuits), Sally’s pizza rolls (which turned out nowhere near as pretty as hers, but were still good), savory mini muffins (on my brand new mini muffin pan!), meatball marinara (recipe from Fast Food Fix, I love that book), wrapped sausages, mini empanadas, and so on and so forth.

Cherry Heart Poptarts

So, after that madness, I thought I could at least make something on Wednesday, and post it today. I had wanted to make strawberry mousse in cookie cups. I grabbed some frozen chocolate dough I had in the freezer, cut big flower shapes, and tried to bake them on top of upside-down glasses. It didn’t work out.

The bright side is that the cookies were really good. It was an alfajor dough I had brought from school and it got all puffy in the oven.

Cherry Heart Poptarts

The other bright side is that I also had some pie crust in the freezer, and a jar of cherry preserves I got on a giveaway a while ago, that needed to be used asap. And so these poptarts were born.

These are so easy, there’s not even a recipe. Just make or buy your favorite pie crust (mine was from a new recipe I’m trying out, which should hopefully be ready for Pie Day!), cut out hearts, and fill with a tablespoon of cherry preserves, jam or pie filling. Then top with another heart, seal the edges with a fork, and bake at 375ºF for 15 minutes. To make the glaze, just mix water and powdered sugar. As you can see I didn’t even color my icing, just added pink sugar for the mandatory pink component.

Cherry Heart Poptarts

Don’t skip on the glaze though! They wouldn’t be poptarts then, would they?

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