Merry Christmas and a cookie tree!

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Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you all had a great Christmas eve and ate lots of yummy stuff – I know I did! I was in charge of dessert yesterday (made Heather’s southern bombe), but I obviously had to make cookies too.

Notice my new Christmas spatula :)

I had been thinking of this cookie tree since I saw it on Daring Bakers last month, and I thought it would look great as a Christmas table centerpiece. Though, if the table is too full with food (usually the case around here), it can be placed on a side table too ;)

I used my go-to recipe for soft sugar cookies, and I made them green so that I could cover them in white royal icing to represent snow. I think I got a pretty nice shade, for not having any actual green coloring :P
I also wanted the tree to be a little taller, so I made 3 cookies out of each size (for a total of 18 cookies).

Then, to stick the cookies, I poured some icing to form a circle near the outer edge of the star. Don’t cover the whole cookie in icing, cause that would promote sliding. Just make a circumference wide enough that the cookie on top covers the exposed center.
I also added gold stars when the icing was still wet (I love my gold stars!). And glitter, painting the icing after it was dry. Though I still haven’t mastered this technique (or maybe my disco dust wasn’t right); the dust didn’t seem to dissolve in the vodka, so I ended up adding to much liquid and the glitter was a little diluted. I’ll keep on trying this out though, I love glitter hehe.

But you can see the glitter right??

And by the way, did I mention I got my new copy of Cookie Craft?? :D This book is a must for cookiers, it has all the techniques laid out and it’s full of helpful tips. I can’t wait to make my gingerbread house next week!

Merry Christmas!

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