Daring Bakers 12-12: panettone

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This month’s challenge at Daring Bakers was panettone. Panettone is a staple at Christmas tables over here, so it wasn’t new to me. But was nice to make it again, since I had passed on it last year.

I also used the chance to try a new recipe, provided by Marcellina.

The results were very good! Though I’m not sure it’s worth the extra fat (most recipes I’ve seen here call for less butter and eggs), but it was totally yummy. I added 4 oz each of cashews, chocolate chips, raisins, walnuts and glace cherries; and mostly orange blossom water for flavoring (as well as a hint of vanilla, orange and lemon zest), which is the traditional panettone flavor over here.

Overall, making this bread takes a bit of work (an a lot of leaving time), but it’s definitely worth it. Plus it makes a lot, especially if you make smaller breads (I made three 17 oz breads, one 9 oz and four cute 4 oz ones).
I had a bit of trouble with the leaving, though (mostly lack of patience). I think I’d use fresh yeast the next time (not that it makes much of a difference, but I’m more familiar with it).

So, if you want to make it (and you should), here’s the recipe. You can top the panettone with royal icing or with an almond glaze. I tried both but I think I like the icing most (especially if you pack up the bread afterwards and the icing stays moist).

Anyway, I’d like to wish you guys a happy new year! I hope you enjoy the rest of the week and eat lots or panettone, fudge and/or gingerbread!

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